Estate Agents Insurance

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Insurance is important for any business. While it protects those for whom you do work, it also protects your company in the event of any occurrences that may leave you susceptible to lawsuits. A comprehensive insurance policy will ensure that you are covered against loss or damage to your property through theft or other instances. Accidents and losses do happen, it is the nature of the industry. Taking the necessary precautions will provide you with a cushion, however, it by no means warrants irresponsible activities. Ensuring that you have the correct amount of cover is also imperative to your business operations.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This kind of insurance is vital to any business that provides a service or offers advice in any particular industry. Insurance policies of this nature are intended to protect a business from having to foot the entire bill should a claim arise through negligence on the job. The professional indemnity insurance also assists in covering any damages awarded to the client should their claim be successful. Any business could suffer a considerable loss should they be at the receiving end of such a claim and every precaution must be taken to ensure that the fallout is lessened in the event.

Office/Business Insurance

An office/business insurance policy is a protection offered against any possible damage or loss which may result during the normal course of business. In this day and age, regardless of the business you undertake, it is seldom limited to one place. An office/business insurance that provides you with all risk protection will give you peace of mind that your assets are protected wherever you may be working. Safeguarding movable property is vital. Anything from mobile to laptops, small hand tools and portable business equipment that is used outside the normal working premises will be secured within the policy.

Public Liability Insurance

While public liability insurance is not a requirement by law, it is something that every small business should consider. This kind of cover will ensure that you are adequately protected in the event that someone is injured in any way by your business. This is equally true should you incur damage to the property of a third party while operating. Even the smallest incident could lead to exorbitant financial losses through the cost of legal fees should the claim reach the court level. It is important to stipulate your business type to your prospective broker for them to make the correct judgement when selecting the policy best suited to your business.

Directors’ and Officer’ Insurance

Directors and Officers Insurance provides comprehensive cover against personal losses forthcoming from being the director or any company. The protection also serves to reimburse the business in question with the costs of the legal fees incurred during any arbitration or lawsuit. The type of policy undertaken will depend solely on the nature of the business and the particular risks it may encounter. It is always best to seek the assistance of a professional in the field. This kind of cover is usually purchased by the company or organisation in order to cover a group of individual members who are directors.