Casino Insurance

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Gaming in the casino is a business to most people and as you know, any business comes with risk. The potential risk of losing money in the casino is the reason why most people opt for casino insurance. This cover mostly applies to blackjack where the risk of losing is scarier as you wager a substantial amount of money. In blackjack, you opt for the insurance when the dealer gets an Ace. This protects you from losing a lot of money in case the dealer gets a blackjack. Applicable in other casino games if the risk of losing is also high.

Cyber Liability Insurance

By now, you probably have heard of the word ‘hackers’. There are some who are called ‘ethical’ hackers but whatever that may mean, these people have the technical know-how of getting inside your system and stealing or sorts of problems for you and your customers. To protect yourself from such kind of attacks, you need to ensure your business. Coverage includes hacking, theft, extortion, and data destruction. In some instances, coverage may also include liability coverage on behalf of others (customers) for defamation and failure to safeguard data. Insurers may provide the cost of hiring a PR team to repair damages caused or notify customers.

Public Liability Insurance

This security largely works to guarantee the duty of care principle. The duty of care principle is a complex principle to detail here but in short, it’s meant to protect businesses and individuals who work and liaise directly with clients. on the business side, the principle states that they have a duty to care or protect for their customers, that is, provide services or goods that they advertise in the way they advertise them and if customers visit their premises, they should be protected by the business. For the customer, you have a duty to protect the image of the business.

Employers Liability Insurance

Every business in the UK is required to have a workers’ compensation policy and to abide by the stipulations laid out in the government’s workers’ compensation policy. However, this policy is not exclusive and there are some occurrences that may happen but not included in this workers’ policy. With an employer’s liability insurance, the business is able to cover these occurrences not covered by the workers’ compensation policy. Such unforeseen occurrences not covered by the workers’ compensation policy include the legal fees that may be incurred by the business if a worker sues the company in case of a breach of contract.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal expenses or sometimes legal protection cover is a security that helps cover the legal costs incurred by the insurer be it a business or an individual. Any business or anyone with this policy is covered whether the person/business is the one who has brought up the charges or whether the person/business is the one facing the charges. While this cover is aimed at covering legal costs in-court, it can also apply when the matter is settled out-of-court, which is often preferable.